How the Program Works
We know that no one solution works for everyone,
so we provide two different approaches to curbing your sugar habit:

"All-in" and "Step-in". 
What is All-in?
Some people find it easier to quit sugar all at once, or go "cold turkey". They just rip the band-aid off and jump right in. If that sounds like you, then you will likely want to take advantage of the the
All-in approach. And don't worry, if it turns out to be a bit much, you can always change your mind and continue Stepping-in! 

What is Step-in?
​Some people prefer to wean off of the captivating sweetness one step at a time.  If this sounds more like you, we've got you covered with the Step-in approach. We will help you eliminate various forms of sugar one week at a time throughout the course of the 6-week program. 

Don't worry, no matter which path you choose, we will have your back the whole way! After all, it's a journey, right?