commonly Asked Questions

​​Do I have to give up sugar for the rest of my life?
​It is impossible to completely eliminate sugar.  We will help you remove refined sugars and cut back on other sugar sources in your diet.  You will know how to identify healthy sugars so you will have the tools you need to make good decisions moving forward.

What about fruit, am I allowed to eat it?
Fruit is allowed in the program, but we will limit it.

What about chocolate?
During the six-weeks you are detoxing, you will avoid traditional forms of chocolate, but raw cacao is allowed. We will provide you with recipes that give you that chocolate taste without the added sugar. 

Will I have withdrawal symptoms?
It is possible to have some detox symptoms as you wean off of sugar.  The most common symptom is fatigue. This is why we work with you on a consistent basis to help you know what to expect and how to handle it.

What if I can't give up sugar all at once?
We offer two versions of the program. The ALL-IN and the STEP-IN.  The STEP-IN path allows you to slowly wean from various types of sugars. Both paths allow small amounts of fruit as well, so you are not really giving up sugar completely, but learning to keep it to a minimum.

Why does it take 6 weeks?
Stopping the sugar addiction cycle is a process. We have found that 6-weeks is an effective amount of time to break the sugar habit.

Will you be there to support me?
Absolutely!  We will have your back the whole time. We know how hard it can be and we will be there to help you one-step at a time.

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September, 14 2017
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