How Can This Sugar Detox HELP YOU?

With This Program You Get...

  • Healthy shopping list to stock your kitchen

  • Delicious and easy to prepare recipes

  • Meal suggestions to make your dinner planning easy

  • Useful tips to help you prepare food for your week

  • Motivating peer challenges...who says it has to be boring?

  • Engaging live calls with Merritt and Jennie to target your specific questions and goals

  • Supportive private Facebook  community

  • Inspiring tips on self-care and slowing down

  • Educational handouts and content to keep you informed.
 Side Effects You May Experience...

  • Warning, Your jeans may no longer fit after this detox!  Weight loss  is a common side effect.

  • More restful sleep

  • Diminished brain fog 

  • A new appreciation for the taste of fruits and vegetables. You may even cringe at sugary foods you used to love!

  • Reduced Inflammation and joint pain

  • Elevated mood

  • Healthy blood sugar levels 

  • Decreased insulin and leptin resistance

  • Disease prevention 

  • Cravings for healthy foods!
Free Me From Sugar!

Still Not Sure?

We really want to help you break the sugar habit!
We know it can be tough to do it alone.  

And we really want you to succeed! 

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Isn't it time you were free from sugar?
make yourself a priority and take control of your health today!
Free Me From Sugar!

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September, 15 2016
Free Me From Sugar!
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